Our Mission

The Mission of Christ United Methodist Church is to
INVITE-WORSHIP-GROW-SERVE  Seeking the Guidance of the
Holy Spirit to Build and
to Be Christ's Church.  

Our History

In the 70's the city board of Missions in Albany, Georgia decided it was time to add another Methodist Church in Albany.  It was further decided it needed to be in West Albany as Avalon UMC, at the time on Whitney Avenue, was the furthest Methodist Church to the West of town.  So the plea went out for all interested in starting a new Methodist Church in West Albany to please let it be known.

Many from Porterfield and some from Avalon stepped out on faith to start this new church, later to be named Christ United Methodist church on Byron Plantation Road.  Dr. Ralph Hodges gave us the land and we formed a steering committee.  We initially had our planning meetings at Kingswood Condominium Club House.  We started meeting at the lower campus of Deerfield Windsor School and they were very gracious to allow us this privilege on Sunday mornings.

It came time for the vision to grow even further.  The building committee evolved and in 1980 we broke ground for what is now Christ United Methodist Church on Byron Plantation Road.  Much prayer, time visiting churches, and financial planning went into the selection of CUMC as you see it now.  We wanted a good blend of contemporary and traditional services and music.  CUMC has been very successful in accomplishing that goal.

We started our church with Pastor Buddy Cooper and began to grow.  As with all Churches we had our ups and downs but we stayed true to the course and with God's direction we became His church, Christ United Methodist Church.  Satan tried more than once to destroy this church but God has always and always will be greater than anything Satan can throw at us.  With that faith we continue to be and to build Christ United Methodist Church.

"Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow"